About Us

Homa Industries was established in 1970 as the American sales office for the Swiss company, Huber & Co. which provided management, sales and financial assistance to a number of metal fabricating firms in northern Italy in which they owned an interest. The product line in the early 1970’s consisted solely of Italian made metal luggage, leather goods and case hardware.

In 1984, the American company was acquired from Huber by local ownership while maintaining ties to the Italian factories. As the nature of business changed and moved around the world, Homa Industries entered into strategic working relationship with manufacturers in the United States, Asia and South America.

Today, Homa Industries (also known as Homa Locks) can offer you a standard product line of items made from injection molded plastics, extruded plastics, stamped steel and brass, wire formed steel, die cast zinc and brass along with related items such as cord and webbing. In addition to standard products, Homa Industries is able to provide custom products made in any of these mediums along with assembly and packaging capabilities. Homa Industries can assist in your logistical planning in moving components quickly and efficiently from any of our sources to any of your manufacturing facilities.